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Dress Code

  •       For the 2023-2024 School Year, OKES will have ONLY the school tees as uniform shirts.(These will include the regular gray uniform tee along with any fundraiser tee past or present. Also accepted as a uniform tee are our Student of the Month tees.)
  •      OKES  will add an additional color to our official uniform tee. We will keep you posted on this once a color decision has been made.
  •       We will no longer have the red or navy polo shirts as an approved uniform shirt.
  •       Finally, navy, khaki, or jean bottoms are also part of the accepted uniform for the upcoming school year. Girls may still wear their navy or khaki dresses.
  •       Students MAY NOT wear bottoms with holes, frays, tears, or rips of any sort.

       *If your child wears anything other than what is listed above as acceptable, parents will be contacted and asked to bring a change of clothes.*